About the Artist

Susan McArthur- Walsh is truly an innovator in her exploration of colour and form. Her methods of painting are a unique expression of the unseen and silent aspects that drive the human condition. She has been developing her method and working to understand the emotive responses it keeps giving.

She lives and works in Stafford and has her studio at Gainsborough Art.This idea arose to get her paintings to a wider audience.

Her unique idea of allowing her work to be cropped into, gives us an incredible gift creating bespoke art for our own enjoyment but also allowing us to immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of the artist.

Susan McArthur-Walsh was born in Stafford, England. Her parents,both nurses, developed in her a great sensitivity for life and everything it contained, creating a sense of awareness, and appreciation of the beauty of nature which cultivated the ability to see things not just as they are but with a sense of wonder.Observational skills of the artists eye began to develop, and drawing skills showed great natural ability. It seemed that working with her hands was her destiny for the future.

When studying for her fine art degree at Wolverhampton University she looked at the work of the Abstract Expressionists and was drawn to the theory of evoking an emotional reaction through art, which led to the understanding of its power.

This created a shift where she began to expore various painting methods. Dripping and pouring, splashing and flicking, painting on the floor and moving the canvas in different ways. Oil paint with its slower drying time, was of particular interest because of its ability to be reworked and its fluidity especially with alkyd resin and thinners.

This led to an understanding of the paint and how less it's worked the better, allowing it to have its own life. The work continues to develop using new materials and techniques.

Throughout the physical process has come the theory. The meaning of abstraction is to deal with ideas and non-representational froms. The work attempts to portray a visual idea of the formless, of inner worlds and creative possibilities and allowing the macrocosm to be shown in a single painting. There are worlds within worlds and an almost fractural feeling of connectedness. A representation of the colour and shape before creation.