Ordering Your Wall Covering

We want to make sure that as our customer you find the process of purchasing from us as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Preview all the artwork. Choose from wall covering,wallpaper, art panel or original artwork.The cropping tool allows you to select part or all of your selected image depending on wall size and shape.If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us.

Each page will guide you accordingly throughout the whole process.

Hanging Guidelines for Walltex and Wallpaper

  • The panels are numbered in the order they should be hung.
  • Hang from left to right.
  • The panels should be hung edge to edge.
  • Walltex is self-adhesive,and wallpaper requires paste.


  • Spirit Level
  • Pencil
  • Wallpaper brush
  • Ruler
  • Knife
  • squeegie
  • Brush
  • Sponge/cloth
  • Seam roller


1. Make sure the surface is smooth and clean

Remove any old paint or wallpaper that is coming off.

Clean the surface and apply filler where necessary. If the surface is porous, it should be primed before hanging the wall mural. Porous surfaces include skimmed walls, walls with old wallpaper, particle board or similar.

You should also prime the surface if it has bright colours that could show through the wall mural.


1. Check the wall mural

Before hanging, make sure no panels are missing and none have any defects or damage. The panels are numbered at the top in the order they should be hung. Hang from left to right.

2. Make sure the panels are hung straight

It is vital that the first panel is hung straight. It is a good idea to draw vertical markings one panel width in from the corner using a spirit level, a measuring tool and a pencil. Use the markings as a guide to hang the first panel.

Make sure the markings are faint so they don’t show through the wall mural.

3. Hang the panels

Begin by gently removing backing paper for Walltex.

Take care to press the panels together firmly at the seams – use a seam roller for the best results. Be careful to match up the pattern with the next panel.

Note: Avoid harsh folds as this may cause cracks in the print.

4. Smooth down the panels from ceiling to floor

Use your squeegie or wallpaper brush, starting from the middle and smoothing out towards the edges.

5. Trim off any excess material

Once all the panels have been hung, trim off any excess material using a trim guide and a sharp knife.

6. Wait 24 hours to see the finished product.

Wall Coverings Materials

Choosing the right material is essential, and it is crucial you choose media which is fit for its intended purpose. We offer a self adhesive woven textile called Waltex, a pasteable wallpaper and an aluminium composite panel.


Walltex is 100% polyester fabric which offers a clean textured look and feel. The print finish is soft sheen and gives high visual impact.The high grab adhesive will bond to many painted surfaces and is removable in the short term, and may be easily applied, lifted and repositioned.

Walltex works best on emulsion painted walls but must be applied to surfaces which are non-porous, clean and dry, and free from condensation. Walltex is also very durable at 300gsm thick and can can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. 


Extremly versatile this paper has a more defined print to the Walltex with a satin finish.When using in an area with high humidity it is best to use a high grab adhesive ( manufacturer recommendation; Solvite High Performance High Grab Wall coverings Adhesive.

Your wall art is supplied to you in the following standard widths

Walltex - 1370mm

Paste-up Wallpaper - 1300mm

All can be produced to any length.

We recommend professional fitting.


The composite panel is made up of two aluminium sheets with a polyethylene core. 3mm thick. It is fire resistant and water resistant and can withstand UV rays and temperatures of up to 80 degrees C. Digitally printed with a laminated finish for extra durability.Suitable for high moisture, wet areas and outdoor spaces.Walls should be waterproofed before fixing in wet areas.Lightly sand back of panel, wipe with degreasing solvent then use a high grab waterproof adhesive.Spread evenly and push panels together.